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My name is Tonda Thomas, and I am the owner of Laya Events in Birmingham, AL. My journey began when I finally decided to take a leap of faith towards the pursuit of what really sets my soul on fire, planning events!  I just really love being involved in the details and designing everything events! The one thing I absolutely love the most about what I do, is seeing my clients faces when they walk into a room/space knowing that their vision came to life. Seeing their joy, makes everything so worthwhile. 

I have been creating memories for the past 14 years professionally, but my passion was started before I became an adult. My experience is both in hospitality management and hands-on.  I’ve worked on some of the biggest corporate functions, managing VIP experience one to name for America's 1st Credit Union for over 400 employees and I’ve planned special birthday parties for fewer than 10 guests, delivering an unforgettable evening for each person. 


Whether you want to keep the festivities small and intimate or go for that pull-out-all-the-stops event, I know the secret to a great event and how to make an impact on your guests. I transform ordinary events into extraordinary affairs. My goal is to always deliver a WOW factor and create a wonderful experience that your guests will talking about your event for a lifetime! 

Two things you should do on your special event day: 
1) Show up, and 2) Have an amazing time with your loved ones! My goal to to make sure that you don't have to worry or stress over things beyond your control. It is why I believe having an amazing Event Planner is so important! Therefor I do everything I can, to ensure our clients can do the same, while I help take care of the rest. 

Allow me us host your next event! From start to finish, I will work with you to ensure your next event is memorable, successful and seamlessly executed. Contact me today and Let's Make Memories! I can't wait to hear from you and your ideas for your special event.


Tonda Thomas


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